Continuing Education Credits

Designtex offers several CEUs for designers and architects needing accreditation.

CeramicSteel and The Vertical Surface

Durability, Functionality and Safety for the Built Environment


Units: 0.1; IDCEC Designation: HSW


Units: 1; AIA Designation: HSW

Within the built environment, the need for a vertical surface that is durable as well as customizable is key for any project. Given the vast array of vertical surface applications in healthcare, education, corporate and even public spaces, finding a surface that works across many of these sectors is challenging. This CEU is on the role CeramicSteel can play within the built environment, across many vertical markets and identify how and what

projects can benefit from this material.

CEU Overview

  • Building Systems: Understand why and how CeramicSteel is used in the built environment
  • Environmental: Learn how bacteria resistant properties and LEED drive the need for CeramicSteel
  • Materials and Methods: Identify and understand the systems, products and finishes for CeramicSteel
  • Design: Review installations and resources needed to incorporate CeramicSteel

Written Communication

How We Visualize our Thoughts & Its influence on Design


Units: 0.1; IDCEC Designation: LU


Units: 1; AIA Designation: LU

A look into the evolution of written communication and its influence to how we

design spaces for collaboration, teaching and knowledge transfer. For thousands of years, analog, written, communication continues to thrive, even in an era of digital technologies. This CEU delves into the role that physical written

communication has on design, memory and its importance to growth as a society.

CEU Overview:

  • Why: Understand why we use written communication
  • History of Written Communication: Why did we start writing and its impact
  • Knowledge: How written communication created an explosion of knowledge
  • Design: How can we develop tools and spaced to foster written communication

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