Steelcase Flex + PolyVision Flow

Hyper-collaboration is here and it’s changing the game. Teams are under pressure to move faster than ever, in a constant state of exchanging information and ideas in rapid cycles of iteration.

Both fixed and movable collaboration tools are necessary for high-performing teams, but you shouldn’t have to choose between them. Now you can create a multi-layered, agile wall using the PolyVision Flow panels and Steelcase Flex markerboards and rails.

Rendering of Flex Markerboards layered over PolyVision Flow using the Flex Rail

PolyVision Flow CeramicSteel Wall Panel

Steelcase Flex Markerboard System

PolyVision Flow, Frameless 

  • Made from durable CeramicSteel
  • Fixed, wall mounted solution 
  • Magnetic 
  • Lifetime warranty 
  • No ghosting 

Steelcase Flex Markerboard


  • Made from laminate 
  • Lightweight and moveable 
  • Non-magnetic 
  • 3 year warranty

Flex + Flow Integration

Specification Details

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