Work Better

As people return to work, there is a high demand for colleagues to collaborate while maintaining safety. The Collaborative Surfaces portfolio provides solutions for space creation, collaboration, privacy, safety and inspiration, all built around the incredible properties of CeramicSteel from PolyVision. All Collaborative Surfaces products are inherently magnetic, bleach cleanable and easy to maintain with a Forever warranty.


Need to create safe separation for employees? Incorporate Boundri,

Textura Mobile or Mobile into your space. These products provide

physical division with a magnetic, writable surface.


Create a flexible way of working by integrating Steelcase Flex with

Flow. Flow offers a permanent, highly durable, magnetic CeramicSteel

writing surface; Flex is a lightweight, moveable solution to transfer

information through the space. Combining these helps create an

efficient, agile work environment.


Rethink your workplace, keeping health and safety in mind by using

products like the Boundri screens below. Upgrade the surfaces using

Hygienic CeramicSteel as an option. The use of silver ion technology

keeps the CeramicSteel surface clean for the lifetime of the product.

Available on select Collaborative Surfaces products.


Use Surface Imaging to give your office space a refresh. Use photos,

text, logos, and drawings to create an environment that inspires

employees and brings collaboration back to the office.